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Acacia Honey


Product origin : WUHU,CHINA

Delivery time : 15 DAYS

Supply capacity : 3000 TONS/MONTH

Honey is a gift from nature.No Chemicals are used in our beekeeping operation. And the apiaries are far away from the industry area and farm area.Acacia honey is the first of the four famous kinds of honey in China. It has a light aroma of acacia flowers, delicious taste,sweet and refreshing, sweet but not greasy, and is the best honey. Acacia honey is derived from the acacia flower, commonly known as the black locust or false acacia tree. Acacia honey is water white, light yellow, transparent, bright in color, not easy to crystallize.

Acacia Honey Product Parameters

1. Ash ≤0.4%

2. Sucrose content ≤ 5%

3. Fructose and glucose content ≥ 60%

4. Acidity per kilogram not more than 40 mg

5. Hydroxymethylfurfural per kilogram not more than 40 mg

Product Advantages

1. Acacia honey was transparent, bright color, sweet taste, light yellow, with Huaihua unique fragrance, not easy to crystallization. Sophora honey fructose content is very high, pure taste, the body easy to absorb.

2. Acacia honey also contains acacia and volatile oil, antibacterial, anti-corrosion and cough. Acacia honey has diuretic, hemostatic effect. Acacia honey can also maintain the health of blood vessels, improve blood circulation.

3. Acacia honey is the raw material of pure honey.

Package and Delivery

1. Bulk package:Plastic drum(58cm×90cm) 、Steel drum(58cm×90cm)、Tinplate(24cmx24cmx36cm) 、IBC 210L

2.Retail package:500g,8OZ/9OZ/14OZ/16OZ plastic or glass bottle

3.Free design for customized package

4.Delivery Date:15 days after payment

After-sales Service

1.Strict product quality testing

2.OEM and ODM is available

4.Free sample

5.Various payment methods

6.Free package design

7.Order tracking

8.24 hours online service

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