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De50-55 Liquid Glucose


Product origin : WUHU,CHINA

Delivery time : 15 DAYS

Supply capacity : 3000 TONS/MONTH

Glucose syrup also named liquid glucose with high quality starch/rice as raw material. After liquefaction, saccharification and condensed get the syrup with glucose as its main ingredient .

DE 50 – 55 Glucose Syrup

Product Description

1. DE 50 – 55 Glucose Syrup is one blended syrup containing glucose. Using rice as raw material, liquid glucose is manufactured by certain enzymes or acids. Normally, it is transparent or faint yellow, with smoothly sweetness. Also, being a sticky liquid, it is odorless and contains no visible impurities

2. Liquid glucose has great viscosity. We can use its thickness to increase viscosity and taste of the product when we apply liquid glucose in canned fruits and juices.

3. DE 50 – 55 Glucose Syrup has high osmotic pressure and smooth sweetness. When we apply liquid glucose as sweetener in candied fruits, jams and juices, it can improve the products with longer shelf life and it can help the products to maintain taste for a long time.

4. Liquid glucose can also apply to candy industry, baking products, beverages and so on.

5. DE 50 – 55 Glucose Syrup has similar functions with high maltose syrup in application. We can adjust glucose/maltose ratio as demand maltose percentage in liquid glucose is around 10% to 30%).

Product Parameters

1. DE Value: 40% ~ 45%

2. Solids Percentage: no less than 50%

3. Sugar Cooking Temperature: no less than 140

4. PH Value: 4.6 ~ 6.0

5. Protein Percentage: less than 0,10%

6. Ash Content: less than 0.3%

7. Transparency: no less than 98%

Packing and Delivery

1. Wholesale Package: Plastic drum(58cm*90cm), Iron drum(58cm*90cm), Tin(24cm*24cm*36cm) etc.

2. Retail Package: 8oz/9oz/14oz/16oz etc. (plastic or glass)

3. OEM Available

4. Delivery date is 15 days after payment.

Company Advantages

1. Wuhu Haoyikuai Imp. & Exp. Ltd. Co. started from 1994. Quality is guaranteed with years of experience.

2. Great reputation leads to lots of orders. There is no need to worry about production capacity.

3. Using advanced technologies and imported Vietnam broken rice to make sure all products are qualified with excellent taste.

4. Free samples.

5. OEM and ODM available. Free package design if needed. Multiple payment method.

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