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Exquisite Honey Gift


Product origin : WUHU,CHINA

Delivery time : 15 DAYS

Supply capacity : 3000 TONS/MONTH

Product Description

1. Honey is a honey bee collection of plants nectar, secretions or honeydew, and its own secretions after the combination of fully brewed from the natural sweet material. According to different varieties of honey, water white (almost colorless), white, light amber to dark (dark brown).

2. At room temperature was viscous fluid, or part and all of the crystallization, does not contain bees limbs, larvae, and other visible impurities.

3. Honey gift box has a variety of honey, gift packaging, purchase more affordable, is the best gift choice.

Product Advantages

1. Brand has a long history, trustworthy

2. Enterprise reputation is good, strong supply capacity

3. Product raw materials are 100% pure honey, packaging and more refined election

4. The use of advanced technology to ensure that the honey products of antibiotics and pesticide residues less than 0.1ppb, Exquisite Honey Gift more healthy.

Packaging And Delivery

1. Customizable packaging

2. Delivery period: 15 days after payment

Product Aftermarket And Service

1. Strict product quality testing

2. Support a variety of payment methods to support OEM and ODM, the price can be discussed

3. Provide samples free of charge

4. Free custom packaging design

5. Order tracking

6. Customer service 24 hours online

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