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Honey With Comb


Product origin : WUHU,CHINA

Delivery time : 15 DAYS

Supply capacity : 3000 TONS/MONTH

No Chemicals are used in our beekeeping operation. And the apiaries are far away from the industry area and farm area.

Product Description

1. Honey with comb production, keep the honeycomb, giving a more natural feeling.

2. Honey is honey bees collected nectar, the natural fermentation of viscous liquid. Honey with comb the main component of sugar, of which 60% to 80% of the body is easy to absorb the glucose and fructose, mainly as nutritional supplements, medicinal and processing candied food and brewed honey, can also be used as condiments.

3. Honey is a supersaturated solution of sugar. Some monochromatic honey will produce crystallization at low temperature, resulting in the crystallization of glucose, do not produce some of the main fructose fructose. Honey crystal and honey, storage conditions.

Product Of The Indicators

1. Honey with comb Contains hydroxymethylfurfural per kilogram not more than 40 mg

2. Acidity per kilogram no more than 40 mg

3. Honey with comb in the fructose and glucose content ≥ 60%

4. Sucrose content ≤ 5%

5. Ash ≤0.4%

Shipping And Packaging

1. Delivery date is 15 days after payment, we support OEM / ODM and multiple payment methods.

2. Honey with com packaging there are two types:

1) large packaging: plastic drum (58cm × 90cm), iron (58cm × 90cm), tinplate (24cmx24cmx36cm);

2) small package: 8OZ / 9OZ / 14OZ / 16OZ, glass bottles or plastic bottles;

In addition, we can also provide customized packaging with Honey with com;

Product Advantages

1. Honey and comb through QS, HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, and every year through the SGS, CCIC, INTERTEK detection, product quality and stability.

2. We use the raw materials are high quality Vietnamese broken rice, broken rice taste pure, full of particles, more conducive to food processing.

3. We have excellent R & D team and scientific quality management, production of product quality assurance, by the praise.

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