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Maltose Syrup


Product origin : WUHU,CHINA

Delivery time : 15 DAYS

Supply capacity : 3000 TONS/MONTH

Maltose has a sweet taste, which can not only be eaten directly, but also be put into desserts and dishes, so that the food tastes better, mellow and sweet, and then promotes people's appetite.

Product Description

1. Maltose syrup is also known as malt sugar. Using rice or starch as raw material, maltose syrup is produced by liquefaction, saccharification, evaporation and other process.

2. Maltose syrup is stable at acid conditions, with high osmotic pressure and authentic smooth sweetness.

3. Maltose syrup is a sticky, faint yellow or brown, slightly transparent liquid. It contains no visible impurities and have great malt smell and taste.

4. Maltose syrup is strongly suggested applying to all kinds of candies, biscuits, desserts, baking products, additives and jam.

Product Advantages

1.The company was founded in 1994, more than 20 years of production experience. It has industry-leading equipment and production lines,with quality assurance.

2.The company has a good reputation,was once awarded as "AAA Contract Trust Enterprise".

3.Raw materials are pure Vietnamese rice, authentic taste.

Product Parameters

1. Solids Percentage: 85%

2. Maltose Percentage (calculated as solids): no less than 50%

3. PH Value: 4.6 ~ 6.0

4. Ash Content: less than 0.3%

5. Sugar Cooking Temperature: no less than 115℃

6. SO2 Content: less than 200 mg per kg

Package and Delivery

1. Bulk package:Plastic drum(58cm×90cm) 、Steel drum(58cm×90cm)、Tinplate(24cmx24cmx36cm) 、IBC 210L

2. Retail package:500g plastic bowl

3. Free design for customized package

4. Delivery Date:15days after payment

After-sales service

1. Strict product quality testing

2. OEM and ODM is available

4. Free sample

5. Various pament methods

6. Free package design

7. Order tracking

8. 24 hours online service

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