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Rapeseed Honey


Product origin : WUHU,CHINA

Delivery time : 15 DAYS

Supply capacity : 3000 TONS/MONTH

1.Strength the resistence of elderly, prevente gerontal diseases; 2.Natural cosmetic; 3.Syngignoscism. The glucose, vitamins and magnesium, phosphorus, calcium in the honey can moisten nerve and regulate nervous system, so as to help promote syngignoscism.

Product Description

1. Rape honey pale amber, slightly turbid, rape flower aroma, slightly spicy, spicy storage time reduced, taste sweet, easy to crystallization, crystallization after the milky white crystal is fine or grease.

2. Rape Honey use of raw materials is high-quality pure honey processing, pure taste, more conducive to food processing.

3. Honey is called "the most perfect nutritious food in nature"". Honey is a viscous liquid that bees collect nectar and naturally ferment.

Product Parameter

1. Rape honey glucose and fructose content is more than 60%

2. ash is less than or equal to 0.4%

3. sucrose content is less than 5%

4. acidity is not more than 40 mg per kilogram

5. hydroxymethyl furfural is not more than 40 mg per kilogram

Packing And Delivery Of Rape Honey

1. Small package: 8OZ/9OZ/14OZ/16OZ, glass bottle or plastic bottle. Customized packing.

2. Large Packing: plastic barrel (58cm * 90cm), drums (58cm * 90cm), tin (24cmx24cmx36cm).

3. Delivery date is 15 days after payment, support multiple payment methods, support OEM and ODM.

Our Advantage

1. Rape honey through QS, HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, and every year through the SGS, CCIC, INTERTEK testing, product quality is stable.

2. Factory scale and production equipment are in the industry-leading level, our company has many years of production and import and export experience, Rape honey quality assurance, in addition, we can provide free samples of Baihua honey.

3. We have excellent R & D team and scientific quality management, product quality assurance, has been unanimously praised.

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