The Global Sugar Production Cycle Into Sugar Prices Are Expected To Welcome A Rose

2016 International Forum China sugar development and Chinese Sugar Association member commercial circulation forum will be held in Guangxi in March 11th, when the sugar producing provinces will announce the 2015 /2016 sugar sugar production and sales, 2016 /2017 sugar sugar cultivation conditions, and to convey the relevant national policies etc.. In addition, the impact of El Nino, the global decline in sugar production, the major international sugar institutions generally expected, the global sugar market for the first time in six years, the supply gap, the gap will exceed the market expectations. Agency expects sugar has entered the production cycle, the demand to maintain steady growth in stock to accelerate, sugar prices are expected to continue to rise, the industry boom will continue.

According to the Shanghai Securities News reported in March 2nd, 2015 /2016 crop sugar production in lower than 10%, and steady growth in demand, supply and demand will boost sugar prices rose significantly improved. 2015 /2016 sugar production has entered a period of the season, at the end of January this year, the country has a total sugar production 4 million 210 thousand and 900 tons of sugar, sugar over the same period of 4 million 785 thousand and 700 tons of sugar, sugar over the same period of less than 574 thousand and 800 tons of sugar, the production rate reached 12%.

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